TTE 2020: Brintia prepares to launch virtual concierge

TTE 2020: Brintia prepares to launch virtual concierge

AI technology gives guests access to the hotel’s information and services 24/7

Travel technology consulting firm Brintia will showcase a new virtual concierge solution for hotels and resorts at Travel Technology Europe this month.

Using artificial intelligence, the technology gives guests access to the hotel’s information and services 24/7, across various devices including their mobile phone, tablet, and even voice activated devices such as Google assistant and Alexa.

Brintia said as guests increasingly desire to be self-sufficient, they no longer rely solely on traditional concierge services.

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The virtual concierge will allow guests access to information such as their bill, appointments, and perform check-in and check-out processes. It will give hotels feedback from guests, and if it is negative, management will be alerted so they can intervene before guests post negative online reviews.

With such a complex network needed for the multi-device software, Brintia says it has developed its own bot connector. In addition to customising guest experience, the virtual concierge aims to save the hotel money.

John Gutierrez, business development director at Brintia, said: “Staffing a Concierge service around the clock can be extremely expensive. Our Virtual Concierge solution is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and does not require breaks, holidays, or get tired like human employees.”

Gutierrez added that by allowing the technology to perform the repetitive or mundane tasks, a hotel’s human concierge team can “work smarter”.

Brintia says it is developing more complex machine capabilities to build on the software’s ability to answer simple questions and display information.

With further development, the company hopes the product will be able to anticipate actions and offer extra services.

Gutierrez said: “When we looked at the typical services that a hotel can offer, we wanted to show things using images to really sell those services or amenities. Take room service as an example, with a smart display we can use say ‘I am hungry’ and it will display all the options with a simple ordering process.”

“If you’re late getting back to your hotel, you can use your mobile device to order the food so it will be waiting for you when you arrive – very useful when you have tired, hungry children.”