Con-X preview: Q&A with TravelgateX commercial chief Jose Diaz

Con-X preview: Q&A with TravelgateX commercial chief Jose Diaz

In this Q&A, Jose Diaz, chief commercial officer travel API specialist TravelgateX, previews next month’s first Con-X travel; and technology conference in Majorca

In this Q&A, Jose Diaz, chief commercial officer travel API specialist TravelgateX, previews next month’s first Con-X travel; and technology conference in Majorca

How did the idea of preparing Con-X in Mallorca come about?

It has been from Mallorca, that TravelgateX has been connecting the biggest players in the tourism industry around the world for the past seven years.

We felt this was the right time for members of our community to personally meet and share the latest innovations in a unique environment for networking.

What is the main objective of this conference?

Con-X aims to inspire attendees, enable quality relationships between them and that those who lead the industry can discuss the key aspects, both current and future and, finally, enjoy a great evening.

What does it mean to have so many major executive from the the big technology companies worldwide come to Majorca for Con-X?

Mallorca is a unique tourist and technological enclave and Con-X is an opportunity to gain even more visibility in the world’s panorama as a benchmark for innovation.

The willingness of these corporations to participate has been overwhelming and it comes as the result of meaningful and trustworthy relationships built over the past few years.

What value will the event offer for the attendees and for the TravelgateX customers?

Attendees will meet and interact with over 300 participants of more than 200 tourism companies from around the world, many of them key players in their markets.

What contribution does TravelgateX make to tourism and innovation?

TravelgateX is the world’s largest hub for connections in the tourism industry.

Our proposal is based on the generation of products that allow our customers to sell more, buy better, do it at reasonable prices and much faster. All this makes them more competitive, accelerating their growth exponentially.

What are the challenges for 2019?

Our clients are demanding that we accompany them in their international growth and the recruitment of new talent is the great challenge.

This should be a priority in the public agenda to preserve the generation of value on our island.

There are many events that take place in Europe, being an international company, why have you chosen Mallorca for this occasion?

In our team there are professionals from over ten different nationalities but our company has a Majorcan passport.

Our first conference could only be held here, not forgetting the advantages the island has in relation to location and attractiveness for all attendees.

We have already received invitations from other locations to celebrate next year’s ConX.

What feedback have you had from the speakers who are coming to share this experience in the Serra de la Tramuntana?

It has been really easy to convince them, the panel of speakers is exceptional, and they represent almost all types of tourism companies.

On the other hand, the quality of the assistants ensures that the content and dynamics of the conference are successful and add value to all.

Is it a closed conference? How can people who are interested participate?

We have tried to create a unique event in which the attendees were relevant and interesting for the rest of the audience.

After covering our initial quota and due to the number of requests received, we have added a few more spaces, once those run out you will have to wait until next year. (

What are the future trends for tourism and technology? What new developments will we see in the short term?

The two concepts are no longer conceived without the other to add value to the client. Technology is increasing the value of tourism businesses more than ever in a disruptive way.

Good examples are that, thanks to technology, even small players can scale and compete as they never had before or that there are alternatives so that tourism providers can take control of their distribution networks.

Our efforts in innovation are oriented to create simple products in appearance but with underlying elements of Artificial Intelligence.

We are developing value proposals that merge technology and innovative business combinations, adapted to each type of client and all with flexibility, transparency and honesty that has made us gain the trust of so many customers.