Launch of HolidayPirates' TikTok channel in the UK hailed a success

Launch of HolidayPirates' TikTok channel in the UK hailed a success

The deals brand hit 900,000 views in just two months after videos went viral

by Aidan Poole

Travel deals specialist HolidayPirates has reached nearly 900,000 views on TikTok following two months of posting videos, many of which have gone viral.

Agata Bilska, senior digital marketing manager at HolidayPirates, spearheaded the effort by producing TikTok videos that relate to the brand's audience and engaging with users.

One of her videos, explaining how viewers can book 62 days off in 2023 while using 27 days of annual leave, received almost 33,000 likes and helped HolidayPirates gain traction and engagement on the platform.

Two other videos, a Christmas markets destination post and a travel showcase for December, received 170,000 views and 227,700 views respectively.

Bilska said: “We have been able to find and predict holiday topics using social listening tools and also our own website search data. Tailoring our content in this way is the key to our quite rapid success on TikTok.

“We are still learning as we go, just as everyone else is, but it has proved to be the perfect platform for us to create inspiration and relatable content, thus securing fantastic reach.

“It’s a lot of fun brainstorming and creating the videos - and we love interacting with our followers.”

Phil Salcedo, head of market for the UK and North America at HolidayPirates, said: “We’ve been creating holiday content for our wider European market social media platforms for over a year now, with all securing great engagement.

“It only seemed natural to also emulate this across our UK channel. TikTok is the ideal platform for creating engaging and authentic travel content, due to its visual and light-hearted nature.

“It’s also incredibly trend led, making it perfect for capturing user’s attention when featuring current and relatable content.

“We would love to continue the success of our TikTok presence here in the UK and following the fantastic response received, we’re hoping to replicate this across even more of our European markets.”