French price comparison start-up Cozycozy launches in the UK

French price comparison start-up Cozycozy launches in the UK

Site claims to be the 'first search engine to be entirely dedicated to the cause of the consumer' by offering completely independent and unbiased results

French accommodation price comparison start-up Cozycozy has launched in the UK following a period of growth during the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen it enter 40 markets.

The brand was funded by flight comparison site founder Pierre Bonelli in 2019 and raised €4 million of seed investment.

Backers included leading French investment funds Daphni, CapDecisif and Raise and a dozen angel investors including Xavier Niel (founder of Free), Thibaud Elzière (founder of Fotolia), and Eduardo Ronzano (founder of KelDoc).

Cozycozy claims to offer completely objective unbiased search results for all types of accommodation including hotels, holiday rentals, alternative accommodation like yurts and teepees, and more traditional options like Chalets and gites.

The site vows to charge users “zero handling fees” and aims to make the process of finding the right accommodation more customer-centric and more efficient.

The firm said: “Looking for holiday accommodation on the internet is often a Koh-Lanta-worthy adventure. 

“You have to devote long hours to consult the dozens of booking platforms, specialised comparators, and the millions of results on Google.

Travellers spend an average of almost two months on it. A Google study showed that future vacationers would have to visit about eight sites totaling more than 400 digital moments find tourist accommodation.”

Cozycozy said, despite this longwinded process, customers are still not guaranteed to find their perfect accommodation due to reservation fees, misleading booking incentives like scarcity claims, inability to access reviews from real people and search results to suppliers who pay.

“Going against these practices, Cozycozy uses the best of AI and cloud computing to allow all families to quickly and easily find the accommodation that suits them best. Its strength is to ensure objective and transparent access to the full range of accommodation available on the internet. Our users can find the rare pearl among more than 20 million offers worldwide."

Cozycozy claims to be a comparison engine of comparison engines able to scour deals on hundreds of booking sites including mainstream and specialist OTAs, hotel platfoms and chain and private rental suppliers.

"Cozycozy is quite simply the first holiday accommodation search engine to be entirely dedicated to the cause of the consumer. We also offer the widest choice of accommodation in the world and we are the only ones to offer Airbnb accommodation," the firm said.