Element Travel Technology reports record year with business up 55% compared to 2019

Element Travel Technology reports record year with business up 55% compared to 2019

CEO and founder, Gavin Smith, puts it down to new partnerships with leading tech companies and an expanded portfolio of new tech

Business services and software company Element Travel Technology has it’s had a record year for business, with sales of its technology up by 55% compared with first half year figures pre-pandemic.

The results released by the business in 2019 versus now has significantly grown. 

Gavin Smith, CEO and founder, said: “I am pleased to report a record performance, driven by ongoing structural growth in the element brand and advanced developments in our technology portfolio. 

“In the last 12 months we have signed partnerships with leading tech companies including Zoho and expanded our portfolio with the latest technology in AI, advanced data analytics and CRM.

“Our primary aim has always been to provide the latest technology that helps to improve businesses operations for travel companies, and we’ve seen a wave of new clients sign up for our technology.”

Element’s latest technology helps TMCs as well as corporate travel teams consolidate, normalise, and automate their various categories of spend regardless of who their suppliers are.  

Smith added: “We have some exciting releases planned for the second half of this year and into 2024. 

“These are centered around a travel mid-office that integrates with modern accounting software and an accompanying CRM. 

“These are being delivered via the software we sell with specific configurations and development work done for our target segment. 

“We are seeing a lot of small agencies putting a lot of focus on their digital transformation and struggling to find modern flexible products that allow them to operate in their unique way.”