to roll out invoice recovery tech developed with Voxel to roll out invoice recovery tech developed with Voxel

Automated system BillBack Request underwent a successful pilot with the global OTA giant

B2B payments technology developer Voxel and have partnered on an automated system for recovering invoices from corporate client. 

Billback Request is described as a “unique solution in the market so that travel agencies and TMCs can obtain complete invoices automatically”.

The new technology is being rolled out following a pilot involving more than 26,000 accommodations in 112 destinations. 

Héctor Martín, Voxel vice-president of Global Sales, said: “We have collaborated with in the last three years to develop an innovative solution for travel agencies and TMCs. 

“Having successfully passed the pilot test, the solution has been validated and we are now ready to implement it for all of's B2B & Corporate partners.” 

Billback Request automates invoice recovery as well as compensating or recovering VAT and avoiding payment delays and errors. 

Voxel says current solutions are not capable of ensuring invoices met the legal requirements for VAT recovery.

Martín added: “This solution is applicable to any tour operator or travel management company that needs to recover invoices from hotels, either directly or through, another agency or any other booking channel. 

“With this solution we have the possibility of solving a classic challenge the industry has been facing for 30 years, especially in the Business Travel segment, in the management of corporate expense notes and international VAT recovery.”

Thibaut Leroux, senior manager global corporate travel and B2B partnerships at, said:

“After a successful pilot, we’re looking forward to bringing this product to market in partnership with Voxel, helping to solve one of the key needs of our mutual TMC, agency and B2B customers using the API. The Billback Request is perfectly complementing our efforts in the payments space.”