Aerobid launches digital marketplace to crack problem of private jet empty legs

Aerobid launches digital marketplace to crack problem of private jet empty legs

The UK start-up says the sector is being held back due to an estimated 30% to 50% of jets flying empty

UK start-up AeroBid has launched a new digital marketplace for empty legs which it claims will tackle inefficiencies in a growing market in the private aviation sector.

The Empty Leg Marketplace has been developed to address what is estimated to be 30% to 50% of private jets flying empty.

AeroBid believes it has cracked the challenge of unlocking the empty legs market that is complicated by pre-defined departures and destinations, last-minute schedule changes and short notice availability. 

The system uses modern live, dynamic technology rather than traditional static platforms that are often time-consuming and rely on quotes over phones and operator websites.

Aerobid says the Empty Leg Marketplace was born out of the need to “keep up with customer demands and the growing need to find a sustainable and effective solution to fill empty legs once and for all”. 

The firm said: “The platform’s key differentiator from the static marketplaces and directories currently on offer - is that its system is intelligent, live and evolving. 

“It makes use of all the key features that make the AeroBid platform revolutionary, from its SMART flight alerts, focused user interface and experience to its real-time marketplace functionality. 

AeroBid chief executive and founder Zaher Deir said: “Our users are crying out for this added functionality. Static directories do not establish an easy and effective way for brokers and operators to buy and sell empty legs. A live marketplace makes this objective possible.”

He added: “Harnessing the power of empty legs is the next logical step for the private aviation industry to experience real growth towards a viable alternative for all.

“After three decades in the aircraft and aviation industry, I understand altogether the issues impacting the private aviation sector. 

“The lack of opportunity to monetise empty-leg flights and make better, more effective use of them - both from an Operational and a Brokerage perspective - is what’s holding the industry back.”

The Empty Leg Marketplace gives operators control over how they choose to market their empty legs. 

In early 2023, the Empty Leg Marketplace will be Integrating with the core AeroBid marketplace to offer an intelligent matching system that will detect if there is a charter request already live within the AeroBid marketplace that can be matched with the empty leg flight and vice-versa. 

Aerobid says the launch will enable the sector to operate more sustainably while generating additional revenues while providing potential customers with more choice. 

“To build a sustainable future, the right digital platform is critical. By opening up the AeroBid marketplace to the empty sector, operators and brokers can work together to spark more efficient flight planning. Taking advantage of otherwise missed opportunities and making far better use of market demand.”