Dot-travel revamp ahead of new domain releases

Dot-travel is revamping its website as part of a strategy to reposition itself in advance of the release of new top level domains next year.

When it is relaunched in the coming weeks the website will highlight more prominently the benefits of having a extension as well as provide a blog and an improved question and answer section.

A raft of new generic top level domains is expected to be approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for release in the second quarter of next year with extensions including dot-hotel

Frederic Servieres, the dot-travel partner for the UK and Ireland, said that the release of new TLDs served as proof that extensions other than .com and work.

“What people don’t realise is that more extensions will be released every year. Things are going to change dramatically and consumers are going to have to adapt to all these new sources of content.

“Dot-travel will stand out from the crowd and we’re thinking about taking it to emerging markets because research shows ‘travel’ works well in any language.”

Servieres said that partners globally are to be advised of the new strategy next month.

Dot-travel has been met with mixed reaction since its launch about five years ago with some organisations such as Egypt using it as their main website URL while others remain sceptical about its benefits.

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