Businesses fear UK broadband network is reaching capacity

The majority of businesses are concerned that the UK’s broadband network is reaching its limit, according to a survey by hotel and hospitality technology provider iBahn.

The 10yearsofbroadband survey found that while respondents were in favour of a strong, secure broadband network 72% were “concerned” or “very concerned” that the UK was reaching capacity.

The survey was conducted as the government pushed through its controversial Digital Economy Bill in the wash-up process ahead of May’s General Election.

Despite concerns over the capacity of the network, 59% of respondents opposed bringing in a broadband tax to fund the development of super-fast connections – a proposal shelved before the bill was passed.

The Digital Economy Bill, intended to combat illegal online file sharing, is considered ill-conceived by many in the digital industries.

Graeme Powell, European managing director of iBahn, said the UK did need a “visionary structure” for the digital economy but said the bill was not it.

“It’s refreshing to see some political debate focused on the UK’s digital economy, but a lack of real consultation during the development of plans, such as the Digital Economy bill, have caused a negative reaction.

“This survey underlines that it is an essential issue that needs to be addressed fully to answer the concerns of businesses and consumers in the UK,” he said.

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