Destinations of the World to use Triometric platform

Destinations of the World to use Triometric platform

Dubai-based travel wholesaler Destinations of the World has chosen Triometric’s Trio Enterprise platform to optimise the performance of its web services.

The platform offers real-time monitoring and analysis of its API traffic connecting its suppliers and customers.

DOTW secures access to hotel room inventory in different travel destinations and sells hotel room bookings to its multi-regional distribution network of agents and tour operators. It has recently expanded in global markets such as Asia and the Caribbean.

Its online reservation system, DOTWConnect, connects travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers to more than 170,000 hotels in over 10,000 destinations.

Once DOTW has fully installed Triometric programmes, it will be able to monitor in real-time its API connectivity and correct performance issues as they happen. It can also gather insights from XML search and booking data gathered through Triometric.

Mohammed Malik, director of technology at DOTW, said: “At a time when DOTW is consolidating and expanding its business, we are committed to continuous investment in our technology platform to ensure that our web operations and API networks are performing optimally as our product and client portfolio grows.

“We are delighted to be working with Triometric to ensure we keep our operations running optimally and are able to improve our levels of support to our customers.”

Triometic chief executive Matthew Goulden added: “Trio Enterprise is a proven platform, capturing and analysing lots of information very quickly to allow our customers to see their operational performance and distribution activity.”

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