Travolution Business Breakfast: ‘Modernise and personalise to survive’

Travolution Business Breakfast: ‘Modernise and personalise to survive’

Experts from Thomas Cook, Sabre and Silversea Cruises will join sponsors Babble and Trust My Group

Speakers from leading travel and technology brands will discuss post-pandemic customer experience expectations at the first Travolution Business Breakfast of 2022 next week.

Travel Weekly’s online and digital title has lined up Silversea Cruises’ UK managing director Peter Shanks, Thomas Cook chief digital officer Jo Migom and the newly appointed UK market head at Sabre, Nisha Botevyle for an expert industry panel.

They will be joined by Matthew Parker, chief executive of event sponsor Babble and Will Plummer chief executive of Trust My Group which is also sponsoring the breakfast on Thursday March 17. Places are strictly limited but you can register to attend now.

Babble will introduce the panel discussion with the launch of its second Technology Benchmarking Report for Travel.

The report draws on a survey conducted among Travolution readers on customer experience in travel following two of the most challenging years for the sector due to the COVID pandemic.

Parker will introduce the key findings in the report before a panel of experts discusses the important topics it raises.

He said he will address the “elephant in the room for travel firms” that they must “modernise and personalise to survive”.

“Travel businesses know that taking a data-driven approach is the key to unlocking the more curated and seamless customer experiences they know people crave.

“But to enable this, they must first get their far less sexy back-end plumbing in order. And many businesses still run on systems held together with duct tape and a prayer and are afraid to pry open the lid and start tinkering.

“Covid has been the darkest time in living memory for the travel industry. But it also presents a huge opportunity for travel businesses to take stock, define their digital strategies and embrace the cloud technologies essential to both empower a remote workforce and engage today’s traveller. It’s time to seize that moment.”