Traveltek revamps The Cruise Village’s P&O website

Traveltek revamps The Cruise Village’s P&O website

Agency targets sales increase of 20% for site

An agency hopes to increase its sales of P&O Cruises by 20% after revamping its dedicated website for the line.

The Cruise Village has enhanced its site, relaunched last week, to work on mobiles and believes this will help generate more enquiries.

The website was launched 10 years ago but has been revamped by technology provider Traveltek.

Agents at The Cruise Village, in Blackpool, receive enquiries from potential customers via the site and call them back.

Nuttall, who bought the domain name in 2003, said: “We want more people to talk to us about P&O Cruises. More people are searching on their phones, so we want to ensure we are maximising our P&O Cruises business.”

Nuttall will review the site in six months after monitoring its booking performance.

“If we do not see significant online bookings, we will consider all our options,” he added.

P&O Cruises, which is due to increase its capacity by 50% over the next four years, welcomed the move.

Alex Delamere-White, the line’s sales and marketing vice?president, said: “We have a long history working with Phil and his business.

“We welcome any new initiatives to sell P&O Cruises and bring the P&O Cruises ship and shore experience to new audiences.

“Travel agents are critical to our business and, with our capacity growth from 2020, it is great to see agents investing in P&O Cruises.”

Last September, senior vice?president Paul Ludlow said the line, which sells direct through, wanted to “remove barriers” for new?to-cruise passengers.

Last August, P&O announced plans to ditch a discretionary £7 daily service charge.

Nuttall said The Cruise Village website, its “main brand”, would undergo a revamp before July.