targets £400,000 crowdfunding raise on Seedrs platform targets £400,000 crowdfunding raise on Seedrs platform

The London and Cardiff-based start-up describes itself as an Airbnb for tourist attractions and events

by Kaia Hicks is poised to open a crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs as it sets out to revolutionise how people discover and book things to see and do.

The Cardiff and London based tech start-up is aiming to raise £400,000 with the crowdfunding bid that will open on February 17.

The month-long campaign will seek investors large and small to help support the wide variety of attractions, theatres, events, and experiences in the UK, that were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fed Pereira, one of the firm’s founders, said: “We believe is the first of its kind in the world, thanks to the development of an algorithm that is specific to the events and tourism industry.

“Great tech should enable people to find the information they need, make a booking and get on with enjoying their day. Think Airbnb, Insta, Just Eat, but for tourist attractions and events.

“We already have the support of some heavy-weight private funders and in keeping with our commitment to inclusivity, we want to open the opportunity out to like-minded investors, who share our vision and want to join us with this venture.”

Alice Aubrey, another founder, added: “Our aim for raising funds with Seedrs is to enable us to invest more in our marketing and quickly spread the word about far and wide.

“We also plan to implement an equality and diversity strategy, ensuring that inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do, from our partners to our users, to everyone involved, which is why the Seedrs campaign is perfect.”

Georgia Aubrey, a third founder, said: “COVID-19 has dramatically changed visitor behaviour as they become more accustomed to booking online and in advance (even if it’s just by a few hours).

“Whilst the top-tier attractions and theatres have the resources to invest in their tech, smaller attractions and cultural venues are at a massive disadvantage and visitors are missing out.

“ wants to remedy this issue and provide fair and inclusive opportunities for attractions of every size to showcase themselves and generate visits and bookings.”