Virgin Holidays deploys social listening tech for ‘insta-worthy’ hotspots travel guide

Virgin Holidays deploys social listening tech for ‘insta-worthy’ hotspots travel guide

Trending Travel Guide analyses 25m social interactions to determine popular bars, restaurants and attractions Continue reading

Virgin Holidays has launched a daily holiday recommendations service that claims to be able to track emerging trends in real-time.

Trending Travel Guide is a digital platform that claims to be able to analyse 25 million social media interactions to reveal those considered most “insta-worthy”.

This data is used to determine the most popular bars, restaurants and attractions to create up-to-date ‘hotlists’ according to posts on popular social media sites like Instagram.

Joe Thompson, managing director at Virgin Holidays, said: “The world is a playground full of countless adventures to dive into, experiences to share, food to try and hidden gems to uncover.

“We want our customers to try something incredible every time they go on holiday. The Trending Travel Guide has been developed to help people discover new and exciting experiences, by harnessing the power of social media.

“At Virgin Holidays, we believe in living life to the full and the Trending Travel Guide is here to put the most-talked about itinerary items on travellers’ radars – all in one place.”

The Trending Travel Guide was launched with popular destinations for UK holidaymakers New York, Orlando and Las Vegas. More destinations are promised soon.

It uses social listening technology Crimson Hexagon to analyse tens of thousands of posts and deliver up-to-the-minute travel tips based on the most Instagram-worthy places.

Virgin Holidays says: “As the popularity of guidebooks wanes and social media increasingly dictates travel choices, the digital platform enables today’s travellers to make the most of their holiday and visit the most-Insta-worthy hang-outs.

“The tool will enable travellers to get even more out of their holiday and avoid missing out on key experiences later.”

The Trending Travel Guide also features blogs and reviews from local travel writers and influencers, written exclusively for Virgin Holidays.