TPConnects launches NDC marketplace with subscription model for agents

TPConnects launches NDC marketplace with subscription model for agents anticipates the industrialisation of new Iata data standard in 2021

A new marketplace for airlines and retailers for distributing New Distribution Capability airline content has been launched offering a subscription-based model. has been developed by Dubai-based TPConnects, an Iata NDC and One Order-certified IT provider.

Travel agents can sign up to use with an affordable monthly subscription package deals that match their requirements.

The portal enables clients to set their own parameters, including credit limits for sub agencies, generate ticketing and transaction reports, issue cancellations and refunds, and select from a range of ancillary services.

It will connect airlines and travel sellers to buy and sell air products using the emerging NDC standard providing a “highly efficient way to search, compare, book airline tickets, ancillaries and related services,” said.

Travel Agents can use their own credentials and form of payment on and will not lose their Global Distribution Services (GDS) incentives.

They can avoid GDS surcharges imposed by airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, British Airways, Lufthansa Group and Airfrance/KLM, while saving on GDS distribution fees for NDC content. is an Iata NDC Level 4 Certified Aggregator that connects dozens of NDC-certified and low cost Carriers along with GDSs regardless of schema, standard and version.

It enables travel agents to manage staff and role permissions and add mark-ups using multiple currencies. Participating airlines can create and distribute tailored offers as they receive specific consumer shopping information.

Rajendran Vellapalath, chief executive of TPConnects, said: “Despite the pandemic’s impact on air travel in the past year, airline’s focus on NDC has not stalled or slowed down. In fact, far from it.

“2021 will be the year of broad deployment of NDC-enabled airline content around the world. As a pioneer in NDC-based travel technology, TPConnects is committed to the global industrialisation of NDC because we know that the travel industry will need NDC to keep up with the demand of the modern digital consumer.

“One of the biggest challenges in the slow adoption of NDC by the travel agency community is the multiple NDC Agency Portals rolled out by individual airlines or the Application Programming Interface (APIs) with various schemas and versions deployed by NDC certified airlines in addition to the low-cost carrier’s already existing store fronts.

“Agents have to switch between the screens to search and compare the best offers or end up paying additional surcharges for NDC bookings made through traditional channels or soon will end up paying a distribution fee.

“ is bringing content from both the traditional channel as well as the NDC and low cost channels in to one screen, combined with rich content from Route happy, enabling the travel agents to leverage all the benefits.”