Skyscanner launches airline safety ratings

Skyscanner launches airline safety ratings

Flight search firm partners with


Skyscanner has unveiled new airline safety ratings to help restore confidence among travellers looking to book flights.

The flight search firm has partnered with to score airlines based on their health and safety policies in the wake of Covid-19.

Travellers will be able to see individual airline scores for measures such as face masks, deep cleaning, PPE for crew, passenger sanitation packs and changes to food service.

Skyscanner launched the ratings after a June poll of more than 850 travellers highlighted that airlines’ approach to passenger and crew wellbeing was the most important element to help reduce traveller anxiety and help them choose flights.

Phil Donathy, senior product director at Skyscanner, said: “In this uncertain time for air travel, it’s essential that we do all we can to empower travellers to make informed decisions and support the industry as it works to restore consumer confidence.

“Our research shows that travellers want to better understand airline safety measures to get a sense of what the experience will be like on-board in a Covid-19 impacted world.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide that additional layer of clarity from hundreds of the world’s airlines.”

Geoffrey Thomas, founder, added: “We applaud Skyscanner for its proactive approach to passenger confidence at this challenging time.

“The new Covid-19 ratings have already resulted in a number of airlines upgrading their safety measures to comply.”

Skyscanner and have produced ratings sourced directly from more than 400 airlines globally, with data regularly being refreshed as carriers update their information.