Routehappy unveils three new content hubs

Routehappy unveils three new content hubs

Platform gives airllines ‘never before offered control and customisation’ Continue reading

Rich data provider Routehappy by ATPCO has launched three new content hubs for airlines to customise their offering in direct and indirect channels.

The upgraded Routehappy Rich Content Solutions for Airlines, featured three hubs for airlines: Amenities Hub, UTA Hub, and UPA Hub.

These provide airlines a wide range of features for the creation, management, and distribution of their content.

Routehappy said it offers “never before offered control and customisation features for both direct and indirect channels”.

The tailor-built hubs have launched less than eight months after ATPCO purchased Routehappy in February 2018.

Routehappy provides rich content for nearly 300 airlines worldwide, and more than 85 sales channels subscribe to its rich content.

It offers a single source for rich content with which airlines, sales channels, and technology platforms can modernise their flight shopping experience.

Robert Albert, chief executive of Routehappy by ATPCO, said: “We are in constant innovation mode and dialogue with the industry to ensure our rich content solutions serve the industry’s needs as it modernizes.

“Routehappy Rich Content Solutions is the robust enterprise software that airlines need to create and manage modern rich content without compromise.”

Sharon Mickelson, director global pricing distribution revenue management at Delta Air Lines, said: “Delta is committed to providing our customers with the best information so they can choose the Delta products and services that best suit their needs.

“Our partnership with Routehappy by ATPCO will provide Delta customers with richer content and greater transparency, while enhancing the shopping experience across all of our channels.”

Rolf Purzer, president and chief executive of ATPCO, added: “We recognized Routehappy’s significant potential in the market, and very quickly acknowledged it as a game-changer for the industry.

“To see the industry embrace Routehappy’s rich content validates our decision to acquire a company that is fundamentally changing the way people around the world shop for flights.”

Tye Radcliffe, director of distribution at United Airlines, added: “Routehappy’s new airline-focused solutions showcase United’s products and services across all shopping channels and highlight our investments in our products where it matters most – when consumers are making their purchasing decisions.”
The three new Routhappy hubs:

Amenities Hub & UTA Hub
Amenities Hub and UTA Hub enable airlines to customise and control the merchandising of core product attributes like seat, food, and Wi-Fi (Amenities), as well as benefits and restrictions by fare (UTAs) on indirect and direct sales channels.

UPA Hub enables airlines to create targeted product merchandising content in shopping channels with photos, videos, descriptions, and more. Routehappy is launching Routehappy Agency, a team of dedicated rich content strategists that provide airlines hands-on strategic guidance and management of their UPAs.

Amenities, UTA, and UPA 360
This gives airlines a complete view of their rich content in a cloud-based modern interface, with search and filtering tools allowing them visualize how consumers will see their rich content in flight shopping.