Norwegian claims first with free long-haul Wi-Fi

Norwegian claims first with free long-haul Wi-Fi

More than half of Dreamliner fleet to offer connectivity by 2020

Norwegian claims to be the first budget carrier to introduce free Wi-Fi on long-haul flights.

More than half of the carrier’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet is expected to offer in-flight connectivity by 2020.

The addition of Wi-Fi on the airline’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is due to start this month.

Basic and Premium in-flight Wi-Fi packages will be offered to economy and premium class passengers.

The free Basic option will allow users to browse the web, stay-up-to-date on social media, send and receive emails and instant messages by mobile phone, tablet and laptop on board for the full length of the flight.

The Premium option claims to be fast enough to stream music, films and TV shows on Netflix, YouTube and Hulu among others at an introductory price of $14.95/€12.95 three hours.

Norwegian was the first carrier to offer free Wi-Fi on all European routes in 2011 and the first European airline to provide live television in the skies in 2015.

Norwegian currently operates 24 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners as part of its overall Dreamliner fleet of 32 aircraft. The airline is due to receive five new Boeing 787-9s and 19 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft this year.

Vice-president business development Boris Bubresko said: “We’re continuously improving the in-flight customer experience and we’re delighted to be the first airline offering free Wi-Fi for the full duration of long-haul flights.

“Millions of Norwegian customers have already enjoyed free Wi-Fi over the skies of Europe and now long-haul passengers can continue to rely on free and high-speed internet connectivity that will enhance and personalise their journeys.

“From being the first European airline to launch free Wi-Fi on all short-haul flights followed by free live television, Norwegian’s roll-out of high-quality in-flight broadband services will offer business and leisure travellers even greater value at affordable fares.”