Google and Skyscanner to display Travalyst flight emissions data

Google and Skyscanner to display Travalyst flight emissions data

Price comparison listings will make it easier for customers to choose greener options

Google and Skyscanner will use a new system to collect and display flight emissions data thanks to Travalyst, the sustainable travel organisation founded by Prince Harry.

As part of its drive to make it easier for travellers and travel providers to make sustainable choices, Travalyst has developed a framework to share emissions data, which has been backed by six top travel brands.

The organisation says the new framework will bring more immediate transparency around carbon emissions for flights and will help customers make an informed decision when travelling.

Google and Skyscanner will be the first two coalition partners to implement the sustainability framework across their platforms for consumers, and four other brands are set to follow this year, including Visa, and TripAdvisor.

Additionally, Google has published a Travel Impact Model for emissions estimates that details the Travalyst framework.

From later this year, Google will act as a technology partner for Travalyst to make it possible for more platforms to easily display carbon estimates with minimal technical requirements.

Travalyst chief executive Sally Davey said: “We know that one of the barriers to consumers making better choices is a lack of visibility and overly complicated information, leading to confusion.

“By delivering clear and consistent tools for collecting and reporting airline data, we are helping travellers and the industry to make more informed – and lower emitting – air travel choices.

“It is hugely significant that our partners have reached agreement on this framework and will be using the same data across all of their platforms.”