Rentals United and PriceLabs tie-up brings real-time market data to short term rental sector

Goal to develop a ‘Zappier-like’ marketplace of connections

Rentals United has agreed a partnership with PriceLabs so its customers can take advantage of automated real-time market data.

Rentals United is a cloud-based channel manager and technology solution for the short-term rental industry, while PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing and yield management software provider focused on the private accommodation sector.

An advanced cloud-based technology solution for marketing, distribution and operations management for the vacation and short-term rental industry, Rentals United currently handles over 250,000 listings that are connected to over 60 listing sites globally.

Chief executive officer and founding partner of  Rentals United James Burrows said: “We are delighted to be working closely with PriceLabs.

“With so many moving parts to take into account, property owners and managers, can benefit from dynamic pricing and yield management software to boost revenue and occupancy rates.”

Anurag Verma, co-founder of Chicago-based PriceLabs, added: “Through our integration with Rentals United, property managers will be able to use our data-driven pricing and dynamic minimum stay approach to maximise revenue.

“We take into account demand and supply trends – including seasons and events – around each property, but also provide managers with a wide array of customisation options to make sure they can implement and automate strategies that work the best for their portfolio.”

This latest integration builds on Rentals United’s goal to develop a ‘Zappier-like’ marketplace of connections to support the growing breed of ‘tech-enabled’ property managers that are increasingly using automation in order to grow their businesses.