Criton offers hotel mobile door keys and check-in with TLJ Access Control tie-up

Criton offers hotel mobile door keys and check-in with TLJ Access Control tie-up

Hospitality sector is seeing growing demand for contactless tech to reduce touchpoints

Mobile hospitality technology specialist Criton has started offering users contactless check-in and room key services through a tie-up with TLJ Access Control.

The tie-up with the electronic locking systems developer will meet growing demand for modern and connected properties, said Criton.

Hotel users will use it to “reduce touchpoints, save the cost of traditional plastic key cards and streamline operations by enabling guests to use their smartphone to check in and access their room”.

Using the booking confirmation details, guests can retrieve their reservation using the branded hotel Criton app, process check-in without having to stand in a queue at reception and head straight to the room shown in the app.

The mobile keys means locks are virtually online so hotel management have access to a real-time audit trail.

Criton said this offers visibility in areas like low-battery notifications, and usage tracking for how and when each key was used to open a door.

Julie Grieve, founder and chief executive of Criton, said: “Integrating systems has been one of our top priorities and I am delighted that our platform now fully integrates with TLJ Access Control which offers innovative access management solutions globally.

“I am thrilled that together, Criton and TLJ, will enable more properties worldwide offer mobile-first solutions that are now vital for operators to save costs and streamline their operations and for guests to maintain social distance and reduce physical touchpoints.”

Luke Martin, TLJ chief technical officer, added: “It has been our pleasure to work with Criton on developing an integrated solution that we believe benefits guests and hotel operators equally.

“We live in a contactless, digital world and for hotels to confidently meet the expectations of their guests in this area gives them a real competitive advantage.

“We hope to continue working with Criton to evolve this solution as the technology develops apace.”