Commercial hospitality, travel platform launches new additions to intelligence offering

Commercial hospitality, travel platform launches new additions to intelligence offering

Lighthouse is ‘changing the way commercial teams manage revenue performance’

Global leader in cloud-based market intelligence for travel and hospitality, Lighthouse, has announced new business capabilities geared toward expanding the scope of analytics and helping to drive revenue.

The new additions include Total Revenue, AI Smart Summaries and Custom Reporting capabilities, which build on the existing Lighthouse BI solution set used by more than 8,500 hotels globally.

Named Best Hospitality Business Intelligence Solution of 2024 by HotelTechReport, Lighthouse’s expansion of services is expected to further strengthen company efficiencies and assist in better commercial decision-making. 

“Business Intelligence is a key component of our commercial platform, and we continue to improve on our offering with new features that address customer needs, with hospitality-specific applications of the latest technology, such as Generative AI,” said Gregory Peppel, Head of Business Intelligence Products at Lighthouse. 

“With these latest features, we are changing the way commercial teams manage revenue performance.”

Jerrod Jackson, VP of Revenue Management Strategy at ZMC Hotels, shared his experience with Lighthouse Business Intelligence: “Everything that we look at doing in terms of adopting a new system or a platform is based on how we can create efficiencies and speed to market. 

“Overall, Lighthouse BI has increased our efficiency and helped support better commercial decision-making.”

Lighthouse BI drives substantial business impact for hoteliers by bringing performance data for your entire portfolio into a single business intelligence solution. It’s designed to be user-friendly, with out-of-the-box solutions that make complex data accessible to everyone. 

Currently, the newly launched features for Total Revenue, AI Smart Summaries, and Custom Reporting are available to a select number of partners, with a broader release expected in Q3 2024. 

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