Google backs greater travel and hospitality sector diversity as it joins BAME Women in Travel

Google backs greater travel and hospitality sector diversity as it joins BAME Women in Travel

Allyship and greater diversity in marketing are two key areas the partnership will focus on

Social enterprise Women in Travel has announced a partnership with Google which has become a corporate member of its black and minority ethnic (BAME) scheme.

Women in Travel is a community interest company and social enterprise that seeks to empower women through employability and entrepreneurship in travel and hospitality.

Google’s partnership will see BAME Women in Travel and Google work together to address challenges linked to racial equity in the industry.

Areas that will be focused on include ‘allyship’ in the workplace to how the industry as a whole can diversify travel marketing.

The partners will work together to create tailored solutions to tackle BAME issues in the workplace including recruitment and retention, promoting talent and advising on how to attract and engage diverse travel audiences authentically.

Finnbar Cornwall, Google industry leader for travel, said: “We’re dedicated to partnering with BAME Women in Travel on this important topic.

“This year in particular has really shone a spotlight on racial injustices and now companies and corporations need to stand up and commit to racial and social justice and equality within their organisation.

“We’re committed to being an ally for BAME travellers and championing diversity across the travel industry.”

The corporate membership aim to accomplish the following four key strategic goals:

  • Setting targets to increase BAME representation within the travel and hospitality industry;
  • Breaking the BAME glass ceiling by boosting the profile of existing industry employees;
  • Raising the profile of existing BAME Women in Travel through ‘Breakthrough to Excellence’ spotlights and collaborative events;
  • Establishing best practice guidelines and supporting cross-sector Women in Travel networks and interest groups to galvanise change in matters such as ethnicity pay gaps and talent pipelines.

A three-year plan is being spearheaded by BAME Women in Travel’s executive director Jamie-Lee Abtar.

She said: “The BAME Women in Travel Corporate Partnership scheme is a great way for companies to step up and commit to increasing and supporting BAME representation in the travel industry and we’re delighted to have Google onboard as a fantastic ally.

“You can’t be what you can’t see is a phrase we hear time and time again, so our goal is to refocus energy and commitment in UK workforces, to drive change and ensure that travel businesses attract, recruit, retain and develop BAME talent.”