Duetto Pulse Report: Cause for celebration as rebound in Europe continues

Duetto Pulse Report: Cause for celebration as rebound in Europe continues

Latest hotel performance tracker shows sustained signs of recovery from COVID

The latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report, which tracks hotel performance data from August 2021, shows cause for cautious celebration as the rebound continues across Europe.

Booking activity, pace and web traffic have all increased over recent months as the industry works to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The velocity of bookings across the region was up by an impressive 311% month-over-month (MoM) for September stay dates with triple-digit gains being reported for October, November and December.

In terms of web traffic, again, things are looking good for the region with web searches achieving triple-digit increases for September and October stay dates. In addition, November and December’s growth was approximately 100%, which is great news for the industry.

Booking pace has also seen a big increase, although on-the-books (OTB) rooms are showing slightly more modest growth in comparison to the same time last year. However, OTB ADR increased by 12% YoY during Q4 2021.

Lloyd Biddle, Duetto director of enterprise solutions, said: “We aggregated user forecasts, for hotels running on Duetto, to glean several insights for the balance of 2021.

“In Europe, aggregate user forecasts also show a flattening of the typically seasonal occupancy percent curve in the mid-50s from September to November with single-digit group occupancy sequentially eroding to just 5% in December.

“After a slight breather, year-on-year transient demand growth returns to triple digits to end the year on a strong note in November and December.”

Looking ahead to next year, Biddle added: “While 2022 user budgets are yet to be finalized, a sneak peek reveals more interesting insights for the new year.

The pent-up leisure demand surges this past summer and resulting record highs will be harder to replicate next year. The shape of the usual seasonal occupancy curve in 2022, although higher, looks a lot more like 2021 than 2019.”

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