Fly Now Pay Later brings instalments model to bookings platform HotelsOne

Fly Now Pay Later brings instalments model to bookings platform HotelsOne

Latest partnership announced by British flexible payments fintech

by Avery Ketcherside

British fintech company Fly Now Pay Later has announced a partnership with hotel booking network HotelsOne.

The deal will see a holiday payments finance plan option offered to Fly Now Pay Later customers who book hotel reservations through HotelsOne.

Customers can book their entire holiday including flights through instalments.

Jasper Dykes, chief executive officer of Fly Now Pay Later, said: “There are millions of consumers who have families around the world who need a frictionless way to finance their flights.

“By partnering with HotelsOne we can now bring hotels, flights and much more, in an improved manageable financial system.”

The partnership will be rolled out online and throughout the US before launching in the UK through Eurobookings, an EU sister site of

HotelsOne has over 600,000 hotel listings on its website, with plans to add an additional 400,000 listings by 2022 and expand their offerings to include villas and apartments.

Marcel Stillekens, co-founder of HotelsOne, said: “In 2019 over 20 million visits to HotelsOne accommodation were made.

“Through partnering with Fly Now Pay Later we’re excited to be able to expand our offerings, and tailor our offering even more closely to our growing and evolving audience.

“Our projections are built on past sales and we are confident we will hit them. We are looking forward to growing together this year.”

Fly Now Pay Later recently secured a further $14m in Series A funding, bringing the total to $62m.

It now serves thousands of consumers in the UK, US, Germany and is looking to expand to new markets.

The firm says it aims to create over $1B of enterprise value within the next 12 months.

Dykes said: “Our success relies on us listening to our consumers and evolving our services accordingly.

“HotelsOne not only assists us in this but they are also helping us to flourish in new markets like the US.”