TomTom to offer Dutch employees self-booking tech developed by Amadeus

TomTom to offer Dutch employees self-booking tech developed by Amadeus

The navigation specialist makes Cytric Easy available to its workforce in the Netherlands so they can collaborate and book travel through Microsoft Teams

by Aidan Poole

Navigation specialist TomTom has announced a deal to bring self-booking technology from Amadeus to the Dutch firm’s employees.

TomTom is the first company in the Netherlands to offer booking tool Cytric Easy to its workforce, meaning employees in offices worldwide can collaborate to plan, book and organise business travel.

Cytric Easy is embedded within Microsoft Teams, made possible by a wider Amadeus collaboration with the global technology giant.

TomTom employees will be able to connect digitally through Cytric Easy to search for travel services, share journey suggestions and book a trip or hotel together, saving time and allowing them to choose cost-effective, timely and sustainable routes.

Using the booking platform also means there is no need to switch between multiple platforms to log-on, search, book, pay and expense travel.

Jorien Dielwart, global travel manager at TomTom, said: “Cytric Easy will simplify processes across our company, impacting positively on departments including finance, procurement and travel.

“With thousands of employees in more than 30 offices around the world, many of whom are frequent travelers, this is a great solution for us to boost efficiency, increase collaboration and make booking business travel easier than ever before.”

The collaboration with Microsoft adds to the employee experience by letting users add the tool to existing applications.

TomTom’s workforce can search, compare, or book a hotel, flight or car rental directly on Microsoft Teams.

Rudy Daniello, executive vice president of Amadeus Cytric solutions, said: “TomTom is a long-standing Amadeus customer, having previously deployed Cytric Travel.

“As a trusted collaborator, TomTom has been a welcome participant in a series of customer experience platforms, sessions designed to gather valuable feedback on our products.

“Analyzing information from these events, Amadeus is able to translate feedback into tangible improvements in the solution, improving the user experience for TomTom and our partners around the world."

The idea behind Microsoft’s collaboration with Amadeus is to reimagine travel and empower employees in a hybrid work world, according to the GDS.

TomTom specializes in real-time traffic information, navigation software, maps, and mobility APIs on a global scale, making drives easier for its hundreds of millions of drivers each day.