OBAN Multilingual claims first in cultural MV testing

Search engine optimisation specialist OBAN Multilingual has launched what it claims to be the only Multivariate Testing technology that can assess websites’ performance in foreign markets.

The Brighton-based agency believes the GlobalMaxer tool will be particularly popular in the travel sector due to the global nature of the business.

The technology uses a database of cultural norms in web design and conversion behavior which GlobalMaxer has collated in the 26 countries OBAN operates in.

It tests a range of factors including the use of colour, call to action messages and imagery. OBAN is currently testing over 25,000 combinations.

The Multivariate Testing tool has been used on a Middle Eastern tourism website to establish how users from France and Germany reacted to different elements on the landing page.

The technology inserts a small piece of code into the client’s website requiring no fundamental changes to the structure of the site. The client can then highlight elements on their site they would like to test.

Greig Holbrook, managing director of OBAN Multilingual, said: “The key to a successful international marketing strategy is to understand how your target market uses the internet.

“The GlobalMaxer tool provides marketers with a simple and efficient way of gaining this information.”

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