C&M launches ‘one-stop’ talent management system

Travel industry recruitment specialist C&M Recruitment has unveiled a talent management system it claims will cut the cost of hiring employees for companies looking to expand after the recession.

Talentstore is a bespoke version of technology developed by Peoplebank, a company now owned by Daxtra which provides CV information extracting services for C&M.

The firm has recruited Nigel McShine-Jones from rival Online Travel Training to be head of sales for Talentstore, which is aimed at any firms hiring 20 or more people a year.

Angus Chisholm, C&M managing director, said he had hoped to launch the technology in 2008 but the downturn meant it was put on hold.

However, he said now was the time to bring it to the market as firms that made swingeing cuts last year were starting to recruiting again as the economy picks up.

He said many of those firms will have cut back on their human resources functions but that this was a way for them to recruit without taking back on some of those costs.

“This sort of technology is becoming more and more prevalent in recruitment. There are a number of external suppliers bringing it in but we wanted to launch our own solution as a travel specialist,” he said.

The technology was described as a “one stop shop”. It offers customers an automated filtering function for job applications and will make sure all recruitment advertising is optimised.

Firms will be able to see data which tells them which jobs boards are the most productive and, if they choose, can adapt the system for internal use, matching available posts to existing employees’ skill sets.

For jobseekers, C&M claimed Talentstore will ensure a much better experience than many travel companies currently offer.

Talentstore allows easy uploading of CVs, the details of which can be automatically entered into a bespoke application form, and sends potential applicants automated replies.

McShine-Jones said the early filtering process, in which candidates are asked to answer a “killer question”, screens out unsuitable candidates, reducing then number of hopefuls an employer will need to see by 65%.

He estimated the cost of hiring someone can be as much as £6,000 and guaranteed that any firm hiring more than 20 people a year using Talentstore will see “substantial savings”.

“The travel industry is an excellent market for this because of the amount of money that’s spent optimising sites, but the sector is very poor at attracting people.

“You hear about people who have clicked on a ‘Work For Us’ button and are sent a promotional email selling them holidays before an acknowledgment of their interest in a role.”

Many large firms, including Expedia and Flight Centre, already use this sort of technology, but C&M said Talentstore offers a service in a price range small and medium sized businesses can afford.

Companies will be charged an initial set up cost and then a monthly subscription and C&M will account manage their service. It is also considering hosting Talentstore for smaller firms.

C&M will be promoting the technology at June’s ITT Conference in Benidorm as well as its executive recruitment venture Chisholm-Moore, which was launched five months ago.

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