Aggregation of networks is next step – Question Time Report

A technology that aggregates social networks and user-generated content could be the next major development online said panellists at the Travolution Question Time.

Those gathered at Tuesday’s event heard that a service connecting all the social networks consumers now subscribe to is needed because of the huge spread of social media sites.

Frommers Unlimited’s Joel Brandon-Bravo said a filtering system would also need to be built in to filter out the noise.

Microsoft Advertising community manager Mel Carson described the holy-grail as a technology, which would not only aggregate these new technologies but provide value to marketers and consumers by capturing the desires and conversations of everyone interacting with each other.

Others said developments such as Facebook Connect pointed to the way things would go.

Orange head of community Mark Watts-Jones said: “Anything that is open and social tells us about where it is going. Google Wave aims to manage that. We have to stay aware that lots of sites are being set up and simply choosing one or two is not enough.”

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