‘East meets west’ in Open Destinations and Travolution London Tech Week event

‘East meets west’ in Open Destinations and Travolution London Tech Week event

The growing impact of travel technology developed in the east on the sector will be debated at a session co-hosted by Travolution to mark the annual London Tech Week.

Travel technology developer Open Destinations has again partnered with Travolution for the event on June 15 from 6pm.

The event will examine how travel firms in the UK and the west can embrace developments coming from the east to develop technology for a truly global market place.

London Tech Week is a festival of live events held across the capital to celebrate the best the technology sector has to offer while providing networking and social opportunities.

The Open Destinations and Travolution event entitled ‘East Meets West: Developing Travel Technology for Global Markets’, will bring together industry leaders and the start-up community to discus the impact of Far Eastern markets and foreign investment on the UK technology sector.

Open Destinations chief executive Kevin O’Sullivan, said: “We’ve seen tremendous growth for our business in the Asia market. We think that Tech Week provides a great forum for us to talk about the impact of these markets on our sector. Particularly in a post-Brexit world.’

The event will feature guest speakers who are paving the way in technology innovation in international markets. These include:

  • Moshe Rafiah – Founder & chief executive of Travelfusion – Travelfusion is the world’s leading travel content aggregator, providing a platform for travel transactions that connects travel suppliers with agents/search/users.

Based in the UK, Travelfusion has developed into a 24/7 global operation which has gained momentum in Eastern markets, most notably through Ctrip investing a majority stake in the company.

  • Kristy Hart – Co-founder, Hack Horizon – Kristy is an unconventional lawyer and entrepre-nerd who has consistently positioned herself at the intersection between the corporate and startup worlds.

Her most recent initiative has been co-founding Hack Horizon, the world’s first in-flight TravelTech hackathon from Hong Kong to London.

Kristy has worked at some of the top law firms, management consultancies and banks globally, applying her passion and knowledge to early stage businesses.

Spaces at the event are limited and will be open for start-ups and private equity companies in the sector.  Please visit traveltechweek.eventbrite.com to register your interest.

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